R. Kelly’s Daughter Buku Abi Has Mis-carriage, Fans Say It’s ‘KARMA!’

R. Kelly’s Daughter Buku Abi Has Mis-carriage, Fans Say It’s ‘KARMA!’

Kelly’s 21-year-old daughter who’s name is, Buku Abi has opened up that she has suf’fered a mis’carriage not so long. The vocalist shared the news through a Instagram post. “I began making this post at 2:22pm My palms are wet with sweat and I feel like I have to throw up.

I’m also shivering. I’ve reread this like twenty times…beloved Son. I am devastated you left me too early. If I’m being true. I’m also disappointed. Numerous stuffs took place this year that I’m not clear. but this one I don’t even want to think, accept, still recovering from it.

but I will get…” she wrote, posting a image of the ultrasound scan. Buku constantly, “I en’counter you when you were about only eight weeks & You became the shine of my life in a world that was so cold, and black, and truly very often lonely.

so fast. It was only you and I. You showed me up and make me feel the love in ways I’ll never forget. In ways I’ll never be able to understand or explain to some body. You made me fall deep In affection with myself. all because you and god decided me to be your mon.

It’s an honor. You made my soul strongest I didn’t familiar I had. It was and will be last be all for you.” Our thoughts are with Buku at the time of this hard time, but not everyone is so compassionate about her adversity.

Thousands, of people on Twitter are saying that her loss was her prior “karma” for the horrible stuffs her dad has been asserted of doing. She is so sh*cked with the fans reaction, and didn’t replied any body’s tweet.


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