Grandson dedicates all time to take care of 96-year-old grandmother to prevent family from sending her to a care home

Grandson dedicates all time to take care of 96-year-old grandmother to prevent family from sending her to a care home

While parents and grandparents tend to place their children and grandchildren’s welfare as their top priority, it may seem unrealistic to expect the same level of care from young people. However, there is a young man who is defying stereotypes with his kind-heartedness.

Chris Punsalan is a young man who frequently shares snippets of his life on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. He is believed to be in his twenties and works as a musician and content creator. However, there is something else that has become an integral part of his introduction, both formally and informally.

Over the past few years, Punsalan has willingly assumed the responsibility of being a full-time caregiver to an extraordinary individual whom he loves and treasures deeply. His incredibly heartwarming story is worth exploring.

Despite being at an age where many prioritize a carefree and energetic lifestyle, Punsalan’s heart is devoted to something else entirely. Rather than spending time with friends, pursuing romantic relationships, and chasing his dreams, he has chosen a completely different path in life.

For almost seven years now, Punsalan has been caring for his beloved grandmother with unwavering dedication and love. Raised within a strong family structure, the young man made the decision to repay the woman who had always been a constant presence in his life.

During his childhood, Punsalan’s grandmother was always present for him, so he believes it’s only fair to return the favor now that she needs him the most. On his social media profiles, he frequently shares photos and videos of his beloved grandmother, providing a refreshing break from the negativity of everyday life.


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Punsalan’s TikTok and Instagram updates are delightful to watch, as he shares glimpses of his daily routine as a caregiver, along with heartwarming tales from his grandmother’s youth. However, behind the scenes, becoming a full-time caregiver has not been a simple task for the young man.

Although Punsalan doesn’t regret his decision to become a caregiver, he has acknowledged that he sometimes experiences extreme isolation. His videos showcase the numerous tasks he performs, which require mental, physical, and emotional energy. They also highlight the special relationship he has with his grandmother.

Since 2014, Punsalan has been sharing pictures and videos of his lovely grandmother. He chose to become her caregiver after recognizing that he was capable of assuming the responsibility. When questioned about why he wanted to care for her, Punsalan replied:

“Everybody else was working and I’d rather just take care of grandma because she took care of me [since I was young boy] and I don’t want to see her in home-care.”

Thanks to Punsalan’s dedication, his grandmother has been able to stay at home rather than spending her final years in a care facility. The caring grandson has tended to her needs with a smile and even lavishes her with hugs, kisses, and other affectionate gestures.

In his video clips, Punsalan handles the elderly woman with tenderness, gently lifting her from her wheelchair to the bed and back again. He has also provided useful advice for other caregivers, based on his firsthand experience with his grandmother.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Punsalan’s video, depicting a typical day in the life of a caregiver, gained viral attention. Following this, netizens discovered more of his content and became aware of the deep affection he held for his grandmother.

Overwhelmed by the positive response, the young man began sharing more of his content online. In one particular video, he celebrated his grandmother’s 90th birthday.

It was later discovered that Punsalan’s family had relocated from the Philippines to the United States, where his grandmother had been a teacher for 20 years. Punsalan had a strong bond with his Kapampangan grandmother since childhood, and their connection has only grown stronger over time.

The heartwarming videos of this devoted grandson have inspired numerous netizens to emulate his example. Punsalan mentioned how his mother was concerned about his grandmother’s failing health.

Even for Punsalan, witnessing his once strong and independent grandmother become so frail and reliant on others was a challenge. Nevertheless, he was determined to provide her with immense love and support, and didn’t hesitate to take on the role of her primary caregiver.

Although it was initially challenging for Punsalan to manage everything, he has since adjusted well and loves his role as a caregiver. He describes his grandmother as the most grateful and loving soul he has ever known, always expressing her appreciation for kind gestures. In his own words:

“She can’t move and she’s bound to her bed. But because she’s just extremely grateful for even the smallest things in life, it just makes her life more worth it.”

The heartwarming videos shared by the young Filipino continue to receive admiration and affection from people online, demonstrating that being kind doesn’t require any cost. If you enjoyed this touching tale, please express your support for Chris Punsalan and his grandmother on Facebook.


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