Empire Star, Bryshere Gray 2-Hour Interrogation Video Surfaces Online

Empire Star, Bryshere Gray 2-Hour Interrogation Video Surfaces Online

Bryshere Gray, better known on television as Yazz (or Yazz The Best), has run into some legal trouble. The actor, who is best known for his part in the cancelled Lee Daniels TV musical-drama Empire on Fox, was detained last summer on suspicion of charges relating to an alleged altercation with his wife, Candice Jimdar, in Arizona. The Goodyear PD has recently released video that raises some doubts about the event.

Last July, rumours that Gray had been imprisoned after an alleged unfortunate incident involving his wife at their Arizona home started to circulate. The Goodyear Police Department said that they responded to a report at about 10:15 on a Sunday night. Gray, who played Michael Bivins in the wildly successful television miniseries The New Edition Story on BET, originally resisted leaving the house. The crisis negotiation team was dispatched to the residence in order to help because of his inaction.

Monday morning about seven o’clock saw Gray’s arrest and booking into Maricopa County jail. Jimdar claimed to have confronted her husband after discovering messages between him and other women on his cell phone, according to law police sources. She claimed his justification was that they were “fake” before he started stalking her menacingly. Gray’s wife later received non-life-threatening medical attention and was allowed to go. She briefly lost consciousness during the encounter, according to the documentation.

His questioning by investigators was captured on camera and is now available to the public. Gray can be heard justifying himself during the two-hour conversation by claiming, “I have a profession, I’m an artist, I have a lot of things to lose.” Nevertheless, after initially referring to Jimdar as his “best buddy,” he replies “in a way” when asked if they were married. Then, in the video, Gray asserts that he and Jimdar had a “open relationship.” We also have an open relationship, so because I’m so busy, I let her have a boyfriend, he explained.

The actor claimed that Jimdar’s episode may have been caused by a man named “Mark” who came over after the actor departed and claimed that his wife was also suicidal. Bryshere said, “[I] went to my friend’s place, then she summoned ‘Mark’ over. He didn’t see anything he liked, which is why I have the F1 Savannah cat. But, as he is still a kitten, I am unsure of what transpired.

Jimdar told police that Gray uses the fictitious name “Mark” when he doesn’t want to be identified in public or at hotels. She remarked, “He merely claims his name is Mark. That’s sort of his phoney name, I guess. Police assert that they do not accept Gray’s claims. Gray is bipolar, according to Jimdar, who also claims that Gray won’t take his medicine. Three charges were ultimately brought against the actor.

Byshere eventually entered a guilty plea and received a 10-day jail term. The actor received a prison sentence as well as three years of probation.


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