Cory Hardict & Tia Mowry Are ‘Working Things Out’, Marriage May Be Saved!

Cory Hardict & Tia Mowry Are ‘Working Things Out’, Marriage May Be Saved!

As per to documents obtained by TMZ, she filed papers on Tuesday (Oct. 4) in Los Angeles, citing the reason for their break up as “irreconcilable variables.” The actress is questioning for joint physical and legal arrest of the couple’s two kids, Cree and Cairo.

She’s also questioning that any trials at the court granting spousal support to either party be shut down, as they had a prenup in place. She hinted that a huge swap was coming in her IG Stories on Tuesday morning, sharing the Vex King quote, “Letting go can be sorrowful.

But, it won’t hurt as much as holding on to an illusion.” She would go on to talk directly with followers about their breakup, doing so in an IG post of the 2 together later news broke. We’re quite saddened to see these two call it quits later 14 years.

Take a look back at their story and how they discovered themselves at this point via a timeline below. How They encounter So there are a duo of different stories when it comes to how Cory and Tia first encounter.

One is that they encounter on the set of an independent horror movie they were working on together in 1999 called “Hollywood Horror.” But you’ve likely heard his account of meeting the we’ll known twin while waiting for the bus.


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